Product Fabrication Case Studies

3rd Angle Manufacturing Solutions has a diverse range of fabrication projects from reverse engineered complete assembly to fabricating components through laser and turret. Below are a few of our product fabrication case studies.


Point of Purchase Industry Fabrication Case Study

Product Fabrication Case StudiesProduct: Obsolete cashier register housing (8in x 24in x 8in)

Fabricate 70 units per sample in 4 weeks


– Reverse Engineered complete assembly in Solidworks
– Designed and Manufactured short run fabrication tools
– Sourced alternate drawer slides for final assembly
– Built one complete unit for customer approval
– Fabricated all components through laser and turret
– Sourced powder paint and zinc plating for all items
– 100% inspected each drawer for functionality

“We received the sample and production model and were very happy with both appearance and functionality of this unit.
It was delivered exactly as promised and was substantially less expensive than buying direct from the OEM”

— David Karlson, President of System Store Technologies Inc.


Transportation Industry Fabrication Case Study

Metal Fabrication Case StudiesProduct: Door Lock Control Module

Objective: Fabricate 10 units per sample in 8 weeks

– Reversed Engineered complete assembly in Solidworks
– Created tolerance analysis for mating components
– Created BOM and sourced all purchased items
– Fabricated all metal through Wire EDM, Machining, Fabrication
– Sourced hard coat andodizing and zinc plating
– Sourced electronic switch cable termination and wire labeling
– Provided one piece for FAI before producion
– 100% inspected each switch with master key

“3rd Angle Manufacturing Solutions came to the rescue for one of our reverse engineering projects by offering complete fabricated assemblies. The  first article inspection for the form, fit and functionality passed our requirements and since then, 3rd Angle Manufacturing has been a provider of these and many other complex assemblies.

— Jiten Shah, President of Product Development & Analaysis, LLC


Commercial Cookware Industry Fabrication Case Study

Product Fabrication Case StudyProduct: Stainless Enclosure (16″ x 14″ x 4″)

Objective: Fabricate sample and production plan of 100 units a month in 6 weeks

– Competitively quoted item against previous overseas competition
– Obtained critical function dimensions and cosmetic requirements from customer
– Reversed engineered weldment into Solidworks part and assembly files
– Designed production tooling plan for special hem dies and emboss tooling
– Fabricated all metal through laser, turret punch, press brake and insertion
– Created and produced welding fixtures for TIG welding production
– Provided 5 pc FAI using customer provided mating components for approval
– Incorporated customer critical to function needs into packaging plan
– Created a pull system for monthly delivery to customer

“We were looking for a supplier to be able to compete with our current overseas manufacturer. Our lead times and quality requirements were not being met. 3rd Angle was able to competitively price our main production unit while dramatically reducing our financial exposure of this unit by reducing our minimum order quantity and cycle time. With no interruption to our production, we were able seemlessly cut in the units made by 3rd Angle MFG without and interruption to our production line.”

— General Manager of Chicago based appliance manufacturer